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Photo Credit: Cynthia Wylie

Update On My List of Things to Do That are Outside of My Comfort Zone

I wrote about this awhile back in my article: “Where The Heck Is My Comfort Zone and How Do I Get Out Of It?”

I was in pursuit of magic.

I wanted to do an update on this article because I thought people might want to know how I fared. Here’s my list:

“Read and negotiate an important contract with a potential licensee. Ask a company that owes me money for said money. Go into a local Target Store and confront the Lawn and Garden section to see how my Bloomers Island products are displayed and selling. Call another potential licensee. Then another. And then another. I really, really want to find a food company that I can work with for Bloomers Island healthy snacks. I’m going to call a CEO of one targeted food company. I’m going to put together a group of Curriculum Bytes for plant science and present them to a well-known school magazine.”

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Photo Credit: Cynthia Wylie

Here’s the Magic:

  1. Negotiated and signed two new licensees — one in Australia and one for seed products in North America.
  2. I received a check for the $10,000 that was owed to me.
  3. Went into several Target Stores the first one in Santa Cruz (with the help of my daughter who held my hand). The VeggiePOPS had just been put out on the shelves and eight out of sixteen had already been sold! We bought two more. I gave them to Cassie. I wasn’t super happy though that they were on the top shelf and difficult to see. That is an issue to discuss with the buyer for next year.
  4. I called two more potential licensees. One for apparel and one for healthy snacks.
  5. Working on more potential healthy snack licensees. Trademarked the name Bloomers Island for international classes: 029, 030 and 032. Finished all the artwork.
  6. I called the CEO of the healthy snack company that I want to work with. He hasn’t called back yet. Yet. I’m going to try again.
  7. I finished my Curriculum Bytes. There were over 30 pages of science experiments and information on all the different issues and needs for growing plants. I sent it to the publisher of the top school magazine company.
  8. I am using those Curriculum Bytes to film interstitials for Bloomers Island (2–3 minute videos that can be used to connect or bridge other television shows).
  9. My Bloomers Island team and I are building a set to do those films at a local and affordable location here in Los Angeles. I asked my next-door neighbor to help. He was in the entertainment business for many years and has his own cameras, lights and sound equipment. Score!
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Bloomers Island Production Set in Progress - Almost finished!

How about all of you? What progress have you made?

P.S. If you’re having trouble, read my original article, it gives nine tips for getting past what’s blocking you.

Founder of Bloomers Island. Published children’s book author at PRH. Writes about big kid’s stuff like economics & business, too.

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