This is the Real Value of NFTs

Cynthia Wylie
7 min readJun 29, 2022

I visited my son last weekend. I’ve been selling NFTs on OpenSea and because I greatly value his opinion I wanted to see what he thought.

My son is, by his own admission, a part of geek culture. I love that about him.

Geek culture includes games of various sorts, video, board, card, and role playing. In my opinion, that is closely tied to digital adventures such as MMORPGs, an acronym for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, akin to any of the many metaverses. If you are spending time in a metaverse, one would think you would be accepting of cryptocurrencies, tokens and finally NFTs. It follows from the transitive law of mathematics: if A is equal to B and B is equal to C, then A is equal to C. If you need cryptocurrency to play games in a metaverse, and you want to play games in a metaverse, then you need to have cryptocurrency to be in a metaverse. Of course, this doesn’t always hold; there are many different metaverses, but it’s generally true if you want to sign up and create an avatar you can use more than once.

I would describe my son as an influencer in certain geek communities, such as MAGIC the Gathering. He records his own podcast and has a large following all over social media. I told him that I’m launching NFTs of my artwork. I’ve exhibited in solo and group art shows and sold art. And while it was always a side gig for me, I loved it. I took a lot of art classes in college and after, too.

I’ve read that to successfully launch an NFT project, you should have a community, belong to Discord and have followers, a strategy, perhaps some giveaways, buy an NFT before you sell one and fans in some other specialty. But, I don’t have many followers and the ones I do have are connected to my company which has nothing to do with art.

I asked my son if he could do me a solid and mention my NFTs on his social media because, naturally, I thought his audience would be into NFTs. I was so wrong! He told me that in his opinion, his community would (I’m paraphrasing) immediately drop him if he made a pitch for NFTs. As you can imagine, I was quite shocked. Why isn’t the geek culture into metaverses? Granted, this was one person’s opinion, but he’s pretty tapped into his followers. He also admitted that once, he only mentioned cryptocurrency and was hit with a…

Cynthia Wylie

Founder of Bloomers Island. Published children’s book author at PRH. Writes about big kid’s stuff like economics & business, too.