I adore your description of your father carrying you into the house. I, too, have dealt with a lot of loss and letting go in the last two years. I had to move out of my house of twenty years and give away all my things, but it was for the best, I keep telling myself. My daughter moved to New York City, but she is happier, I say out loud even though I am not. My friend from before kindergarten died, but she was in so much pain, I remind myself. I haven’t even acknowledged what our President has done, but, yes, that needs to be included. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that any of us are focused on loss and the grief that accompanies it right now. You spoke to that beautifully.

I observed through your piece that instead of trying to “talk myself out of it,” which is what I’m doing, I should just sit with it for a while, like a soak in a hot bath. Not wallow per se, but realize that the process of grieving is necessary and important. And sometimes it’s okay.

Founder of Bloomers Island. Published children’s book author at PRH. Writes about big kid’s stuff like economics & business, too. CynthiaWylie.com

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