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  • TechMintle | Passionate About Writing

    TechMintle | Passionate About Writing

    My blog: https://www.adultcreator.co Contact me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_aamirkamal or EMAIL ME: mindsumo123@gmail.com

  • Mircea


    I'm drinking caffee and writing on a Medium.

  • Harper Gibbs

    Harper Gibbs

    Crypto fan. Game addicted. Biker. Surfer. Experiments and explorations.

  • Cailian Savage

    Cailian Savage

    Top Writer: History, Economics, Culture, Life / Email: cailiansavage1@gmail.com / Feel free to support me at ko-fi.com/cailiansavage1234

  • Austin Harvey

    Austin Harvey

    Writer, Editor, Podcast Host… Plant Daddy? Get in touch: linktr.ee/austincharvey

  • Camille Brichard

    Camille Brichard

    French, living in Ireland. I write stories about mental health, expatriation, and whatever else I find interesting. Contact me: camille.brichard.w@gmail.com

  • Har Narayan

    Har Narayan

    Top Writer In Writing. I Talk About Writing Tactics And Audience Growth.

  • Adesh Acharya

    Adesh Acharya

    Writer. Thinking, Experiencing. Mind-Life-Humans-Cosmos. Subscribe to me via email. More at https://fradesh.com |

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