Eric Garcetti is a brilliant man. I am a Democrat who lives in Los Angeles and the homeless problem here is a combination of many factors. It is really more of an income inequality issue which Garcetti has little control over. It is also a drug addiction and mental illness problem as well. These issues became a homeless problem because the far left fought for the right for people to pitch tents and make encampments on public property as long as they weren't blocking the sidewalk. So in the past, police would make cleanup rounds to dismantle encampments. Now they can't do that anymore. Also, many homeless won't stay in shelters. We actually have empty shelter beds. Garcetti then pivoted and is now buying up hotel and motel rooms to shelter the homeless. They come here from all over the country. We are dealing with people from many other cities and it's not really fair to blame Los Angeles leadership. If you have other information, I'd love to hear it.

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