Beautifully written and I appreciate your vulnerability. I’ve given birth to two children and have raised two more. But many of my friends, most of friends, have had no children and the rest had one. It was shocking for me to realize that one day. I had never noticed. Likewise, I never bothered to ask them if they were sorry or regretted not having children. It just felt like an out of bounds question, one that I wasn’t allowed to ask. Here I was, with my bounty of four children which in L.A. especially is quite a lot. I ask you, would it be okay if a friend wanted to talk to you about your decision? Is that something you would be okay talking about, would you rather talk about it, or not? Thanks!

Founder of Bloomers Island. Published children’s book author at PRH. Writes about big kid’s stuff like economics & business, too.

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