Thank you for your beautiful words and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. I believe that showing our vulnerabilities makes us better writers and better humans. I also think it makes us feel more at peace, well, it makes me feel that way even though it can be excruciating to do. This is a heart wrenching story and I'm sorry you had to endure it. But I am glad I found you and was able to read and learn from it.

Thomas Jefferson couldn't foresee the invention of the tractor and the combine which of course threw us into the industrial age, albeit kicking and screaming. And as a small-ish family farmer (and without the help of his slaves), Jefferson would never be able to compete with today's factory farms and corporate farmers. It is interesting to contemplate how even great thinkers are bound to their current circumstances. Thanks for a great article!

Great ideas, Richie, aka RickiTicklez. :) Observe what Adidas just did: Adidas made the NFTs in partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comics, and GMoney (a pseudonymous crypto enthusiast). Buying an NFT gave owners access to special physical goods, like hoodies. What caught my eye was the physical merch. If you're selling an NFT for $700, the least you could do is throw in a special hoodie! As someone with many years of experience in apparel manufacturing, there are some technical difficulties with making personalized clothing if you want it to be high quality pieces, which I think is important - especially if your selling a pricey NFT. But I think there are unique ways around that. Interestingly, the company I was a partner in, X-Large Clothing, did a colab with The Hundreds years ago.

Even if you’re with a traditional publisher, you still have to do your own marketing

Photo Credit: Dennis P. Kamoen

In 2018 I published a five-book series with Rodale Kids, one hardcover and four paperbacks. They believed in my idea and even though my publishing experience was limited, they took a chance on me. The hardcover started with an 8,000 book print and the four paperbacks were 5,000 each. …

Great piece. I think that buying my books is the least my family can do. But that's only a couple dozen. Even though I have a traditional publisher, I do my own marketing for my books. But it took me a whole year to figure that out. I've pretty much sold out my first five books (almost 30,000 total). Hey, I should write about that on Medium.

I'm not sure if it's dying, but I think Medium needs more subscribers to work. I don't know why they don't charge everyone who wants to read articles. Like $1.99 a month to read as much as they want. I think most people would pay that.

Cynthia Wylie

Founder of Bloomers Island. Published children’s book author at PRH. Writes about big kid’s stuff like economics & business, too.

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